Our Team

Kenny Bowers
As a native New Englander, Kenny began his career by creating Daddy Jack’s Lobster & Chowder House on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. Later, in 1996 Kenny opened Lefty’s Lobster and Chowder House in Addison. He designed the menu for the restaurant and created a remarkably loyal following. After two years, Kenny sold the restaurant to a partner.

In 1998, Kenny helped to create Big Fish Little Fish. He invested in the concept, and brought his unique menu and style of hospitality to the restaurant. It almost immediately tripled in sales and profits.

In March of 1999, Kenny received an offer from the original creator and owner of Rockfish Seafood Grill. Kenny accepted the position as Partner/Corporate Chef and played a very large part in furthering the development of the concept.

After 7 years of developing and building independent concepts and 6 years as a Corporate Chef, Kenny teamed up with Bob Stegall. Together, they created KWFG and after 3 successful years, Mike Hutchinson joined the team and they opened Kenny’s Burger Joint. In 2010 Kenny’s Italian Kitchen joined the family, Kenny’s Smoke House was introduced to the Shops of Legacy in 2013 and Kenny’s Burger Joint’s second location opened in Lakeside Market in October 2014.

Bob Stegall
Bob has been in the restaurant industry since he was 14 years old and has done everything from dishwashing to accounting. He was with Via Real for 10 years prior to becoming a market partner for Rockfish Seafood Grill where he oversaw 11 restaurants in the DFW area. This is where he met Kenny and they decided to partner up. Currently he oversees the accounting department and handles all financials and facilities.

Mike Hutchinson
Mike worked as a chef partner with The Rockfish Group for 8 years where he met Bob and Kenny. Prior to that he was the executive chef and GM at the four-star Historic Holly Hotel in Michigan.  Mike has been a Partner and the Director of Operations for Kenny’s Restaurant Group since 2008.

Clay McAfee – President/CEO
Clay joined the company in June of 2017. Clay’s passion and expertise is developing people & systems to help small restaurant companies grow from single digit to multiple locations. Clay got his start in the restaurant business at 15 years old as a busboy @ Chili’s Grill & Bar. He spent his first 15 years in the business moving up from busboy to multi-unit Director at Chili’s and helped the company grow and create multiple concepts and locations. In 1995, he joined a local Dallas restaurateur to further develop and grow a high-end Southwestern concept called Canyon Café where he helped take the company from 4 restaurants to over 20 restaurants. In 2000 Clay accepted the position of Vice President of Operations and partnered with Kenny Bowers & Bob Stegall where they helped Rockfish Seafood Grill grow from 4 restaurants to over 18. In 2005 Clay joined forces with PF Chang’s and worked as a Regional Vice President for Pei Wei Asian Diner opening & operating 26 restaurants in the mid-west. In 2011 Clay & his family moved back home to the Dallas area to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer for MCrowd Restaurant Group (Mi Cocina, Taco Diner & The Mercury) where he helped the company develop people, systems and controls and open numerous restaurants in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.